Standard Industry Classifications

Used to group and classify businesses

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UK SIC Codes
Your one stop UK SIC codes resource
An SIC code, or Standard Industry Classification code, is a 4 or 5 digit number which can be allocated to an
organisation to describe the nature of its business.  Over time there have been several different SIC systems
used in the UK as these taxonomies have been adapted to cope with the changes in UK industry, eg the 1980
system was far more detailed in manufacturing, the SIC 2007 system is much stronger in the IT sector.
Many companies still use the SIC 2003 codes which was the 1992 SIC system updated slightly,
however the very latest version is the SIC 2007 system.  
For more details go to our Information page.

Oblong UK specialises in adding SIC codes to lists of UK businesses in particular customer
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SIC structure downloads

Full SIC 2003 Lookup table
Full SIC 2007 Lookup table
2 Digit 2003 structure
2 Digit 2007 structure
4 Digit 2003 to 1980 SIC conversion table

Feel free to download and use these SIC documents
for your internal use. Whilst we have made
every effort to ensure their accuracy,
Oblong (UK) Ltd is not responsible for any issues
that arise from their use.
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We sit down with you, discuss your needs and objectives and then create reports that show in depth statistics on your data and your market share.

UK SIC Codes - SIC 2007 - SIC 2003 - Standard Industry Classifications

Need help allocating SICs?

Try our SIC finder tool which uses an older
version of our AutoSIC software to allocate
an SIC code based on just a company name.

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23th September 2015

Due to an increase in companies requesting their SIC code we have created a new service. If you need to know the SIC code for your company follow this link and complete the form.

27th July 2015

Our new website helps graduates find employment. We have put our business data together with survey responses from over 600,000 recent graduates to create a list of the top 10,000 graduate employing companies.

27th April 2015

We have been asked several times recently if there is a new SIC code taxonomy in the pipeline. So we contacted the relevant authorities which included the UK Office of National Statistics; we have been informed that there are no current plans to move to a new SIC code structure.

17nd December 2014

We wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Our offices will be shut from the 19th December to the 5th January. Please note we will be moving offices during this time, see our contacts page for our new contact details. If during this time you need to get in touch please email us on

2nd June 2014

Remember we offer free trials of all of our SIC data products.

12th February 2014

We are currently running offers on all of our data, products and services.  Contact us to find out what discounts are available.

6th January 2014

We wish all of our clients a very Happy New Year!  

19th December 2013

Wishing all of our clients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We will be closing our offices over Christmas from Friday 20th December and re-opening on Monday 6th January, but emails will be monitored throughout so if you have an urgent query please do still contact us on

11th November 2013

Oblong have moved offices.  As of the beginning of November we are based at Unit 2, Berrington Road, Leamington Spa, CV31 1NB.  Our phone number remains unchanged.

28th August 2013

Our SIC Plus system is based on 4 digit 2007 SIC codes which fall in line with most international SIC systems, under this we have created our own more detailed sub categories giving you much more detail than you can get from standard SIC systems. Appending of SIC Plus is now part of our standard append package for business data.

30th July 2013

Special offer! We will append your business data with 2007 SIC codes, Site number of employees, National Number of employees, Turnover, Credit rating and much more based on a flat fee per thousand records. What is more we’ll process a sample of your data for free just to show you what we can achieve. Drop us a line to find out more.

21th July 2013

Welcome to the UK SIC codes Blog. We will update this blog with news and information on SIC codes and appropriate business data related offers.

UK SIC Codes - SIC 2007 - SIC 2003 - Standard Industry Classifications